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electric motors electric motors
electric motors
This June we were involved in the supply for 4 x90kw Motor and gearbox assembly's with 120mm bore helical bevel units . The project was for a waste treatment plant that was upgrading its facility and Motordrives was chosen for the project . We have already supplied over 30 Transtecno ITB423 units for the project and with more to be supplied before the end of 2017.

Motordrives has won the contract to supply 950 geared motors for the largest ever solar power integration plant in Australia . Our range of Transtecno TCM SERIES helical worm gearboxes was chosen over all the other brands due to our first class quality and our fast delivery time . Our company has been in business for 4 years this October in such a short time we have been able to grow to one of the biggest worm gearbox suppliers in Australia . With the first 400 units already installed and the next 300 arriving next month the project is due for completion in September 2012 and once completed we will be recognised in the world wide solar field as one of the major suppliers of geared motors in the field.

June 2009 Motordrives Australia launches its second web site to help our customers with information on the products we sell.

"Motordrives is pleased to announce we have introduced to our ever expanding gearbox assembly centre a high precision metal lathe and 3 axis milling machine as well as a 100 tonne automatic press. Our new equipment has been introduced to provide our customers with in house modifications and a super fast tunaround time. We can machine special gearbox output shafts as well as a range of keyways. Our equipment is used daily for shafts Modifications for the pump and mining industry."

New agency Announcement !!

"Motordrives would like to advise that as of July 2010 we have become the Australian and New Zealand agent / Importer of the TEM ITALY DC electric motor range. Our range of TEM has been introduced to compliment our highly sucessfull range of 12/24v Transtecno range. The range consists of 180v high quality dc motors from 75 watt - 1500 watts as well as mosfet dc control cards. We have stock of the complete range on our shelf ready for immediate despatch".

As one of Australia's leading OEM suppliers motors has the ability to supply large numbers of worm drives in very short time like this project for 100 size 50 worm gearboxes with 240v special motors. With the backing of Transtecno italy we have one of the fastest gearbox supply times in the market today. If your production has been held up by your current supplier why not give us a go and see your production improve.
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Quadrimot Series  
The series Q4 and Q7, even if in more close execution, they mantain the same chacteristics of the previous series Q3 and Q6, with power ratings ranging from the 75W of the Q4S right up to the 500W of the Q7L. The new series is always divided into two lines: the first has a motor with smooth casing and natural ventilation known as the Q4, whilst the second has motor fitted with high-efficiency heatsink and external self-ventilation known as the Q7.

The entire QUADRIMOT series is supplied as standard with protection to IP54, wiring in terminal block with cable gland and MEC56, MEC63 and MEC71 unified flanging. This along with its compliance to the strictest European electrical and electromagnetic regulations has enabled it to obtain the CE mark.

The particular build specifications of the QUADRIMOT line make it especially suitable for application in the robotics and automation sector that requires motors with high control sensitivity and exceptional reliability.
DC Motor DC Motor
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DC Motor DC Motor
DC Motor DC Motor
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DC Motor DC Motor
DC Motor d.c. permanent magnet motors
DC Motor 2 poles
DC Motor High efficiency and dynamism
DC Motor High demagnetization current (until 4 x I nom)
DC Motor IP54 protection degree
DC Motor Cataphoresis statoric treatment
DC Motor Connection on terminal box
DC Motor MEC 56/63/71 flanges
DC Motor CE mark
QUADRIMOT 4 - Natural Ventiled
Torque at rated speed from 0,35 to 0,95Nm
Rated power @ 2000rpm from 75 to 200W
Rated power @ 3000rpm from 110 to 300W
Supply voltage from 12 to 170Vd.c.
QUADRIMOT 7 - External self-ventiled
Torque at rated speed from 0,60 to 1,60Nm
Rated power @ 2000rpm from 125 to 330W
Rated power @ 3000rpm from 190 to 500W
Supply voltage from 12 to 170Vd.c.
DC Motor General purpose
DC Motor Automatic machines with high dynamism
DC Motor Robotics
DC Motor Electro medicals
DC Motor Industrial automation
DC Motor Special pumps for hydraulic gear case (lifting)
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